The WSE75 is the NEW sulphur evaporator. The most important part of the WSE75 is the patented IR heating element type SSV. The WSE75 offers the following advantages:

• SAFE: Operating temperature of the heating element stays under the inflammability of Sulphur.;
• EFFECTIVE: Because of the high rate of eveporation, it is very effective in the use of Sulpur and less time is needed for evaporation;
• HEATING ELEMENT: The new type SSV can also beu sed in the nivola sulphur evaporator.

The WSE75 is easy to clean with the supplied SSV-scraper. It is also possible to use standard aluminium disposables so the cleaning of the SSV, when used correctly, becomes unnecessary.

The usage of the WSE75 by cultivation is as follows:

• Roses 1 WSE75 per 100 m²
• Strawberries 1 WSE75 per 200 m²
• Vegetables 1 WSE75 per 500 – 700 m²

WSE75 section

WSE75 section

Comparing with other Sulphur Evaporators

WSE75 Nivola Hotbox
Evaporation performance 0,5 g/h 0,4 g/h 0,13 g/h
Wattage 75W 100W 50W
Operating temperature 190 °C 380 °C 140 °C
Self-ignition temperature


230 °C tot 260 °C

Remarks The SSV is also simple to use in the nivola Sulphur Evaporator. If the Sulphur spills over the tray there is a chance that the Sulphur will self ignite. The evaporation rate is low because of the low power so more Sulphur evaporators per surface area must be used.